How sweet it is…

How sweet it is…

or rather how sweet is sweet.  For years artificial sweeteners have been used as an alternative to sugar and other sweeteners to reduce the caloric content of soft drinks and foods. At each turn another new sweetener was developed to replace the previous one because of perceived or real side affects. I say perceived or real because the debate still rages on about the health effects or benefits of artificial sweeteners.

With the recent trend to all natural and organic foods, real sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as well as other forms of sugars have been increasing highlighted as part of the cause for America’s current battle with diabetes and increased body mass issues.

Well the folks with a lot to lose if this trend continues decided to go on the offensive today.  That’s right, the guys that say hey you can have your cake artificially sweetened and eat it too. In short USA TODAY ran an article by Bruce Horovitz announcing  “Coca-Cola ad to defend artificial sweeteners”    Very interesting, I thought, I guess what we are saying is its not how much soda we consume or how we sweeten it, the issue lies elsewhere.

True, there are more sides to this issue of sweetners, sodas, diabetes and increased body mass, but what I’m hearing is that old saying “its your problem not mine.”

I, on the other hand believe it all started when we all but eliminated PE in school, or is the increase in the amount of soft drinks we consume. Do we really need to drink 24 or 32 ozs with a quickie meal? How it started doesn’t matter now, what I found interesting is that today the CoCa Cola  Company seems to be taking stance similar to the cigarette companies, defend your products at all costs even when it seems like the tide might be turning.

I happen to like an occasional Coke, naturally sweeten when I can find one, but if I were Coke I’d be very careful  because “cigarette smoking may be dangerous to your health.”

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